Electric Companies

As a result of energy choice laws, an abundance of New Jersey electricity companies now exist throughout the state who are fighting for your business. Gone are the days when you were forced to buy power from your local utility company. Today New Jersey electricity customers can compare electric rate offers from dozens of electric companies who are licensed by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

New Jersey electricity companies come in different sizes and forms. Companies like Direct Energy and Constellation have parent companies who have been in the energy business for over a hundred years and offer name recognition and financial stability. Other companies like Champion Energy and TriEagle Energy have made a name for themselves in the vastly successful Texas electricity choice market that began in 2002. With similar legislation laws in New Jersey, these successful start up energy companies are looking to grow by bringing their superb customer service and low prices to the garden state. You can also find brand new start up electricity companies in New Jersey such as Verde Energy and Gateway Energy who are making a new name for themselves by winning over customers through aggressive pricing and promotions.

Champion Energy – Active in Texas since 2004, Champion has recently expanded to offering electricity rates in Illinois, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Gateway Energy – Offers fixed and variable rate options in several states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Maryland. Also offers natural gas service. The company was recently purchased by Direct Energy who also offers low pricing options to New Jersey electricity and natural gas customers.

Spark Energy – Offers competitive fixed pricing options for customers in electricity and natural gas choice markets.

Verde Energy – Originally only offered a variable rate electricity product in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, the company now offers fixed rate options in seven states.

YEP Energy – With initial success in Texas and Pennsylvania, YEP Energy is now actively serving the PSEG service area looking to gain market share through competitive pricing and multiple term options.